Category: Surdough

1. October 2015 / Recipes

To be honest, this probably doesn’t qualify as a pure sourdough bread. There’s the tiniest bit of yeast in there, but taste-wise it’s just about perfect for me. This recipe is a keeper.

22. September 2015 / Recipes

You might have heard that sourdough bread takes all day to make, but it doesn’t have to be this way. This might be the perfect bread for the novice sourdough baker.

7. July 2015 / Recipes

Good bread takes time. This delicious sourdough mill loaf is loved all over the world, and I almost succeeded making it.

18. June 2015 / Recipes
15. June 2015 / Recipes

Knead by machine, hand, or just leave it alone and let the yeast do it for you. For this whole grain and rye sourdough bread, I slapped and folded and almost crashed and burned.